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Joining Info
To become a member of the Qld Chapter of the VMC requires two basic things.

You must ride a club approved motorcycle

Be an Australian Military Veteran that has served in an operational theatre and received an Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) or equivalent.

Proof of service history and ownership of a bike must be produced when applying for membership.  These details will be checked with the relevant authorities, before membership can commence properly.

Having the two above requirements does not automatically lead to full membership in the Chapter.  To earn the honor to wear our patch there is a fairly strict and none too short, Probationary/ Nominee period, during which the Prospective Member will be required to show commitment to the Chapter and demonstrate the ability to fit in with the club, its members, and this lifestyle.  Everyone must prospect there are NO EXCEPTIONS.  The finer details of this period will be explained to any prospective new members.  The Service/Corp you served with and what ever rank you attained there hold no weight towards becoming a full patch member nor is this lifestyle for just anybody with a bike and a service record.
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